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Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan: Buy Less, Pay Less

Call him the “9-9-9 candidate.” That’s his economic plan, and he touts the digits every time he gets a chance to speak at a debate or during an interview, drilling it in like an ad jingle. His plan is simple and easily understood, which might be a plus among voters. Praised by supporters for both its simplicity and its specificity, Cain’s plan drops the current 35 percent corporate tax rate to 9 percent, swaps the six-bracket personal income tax system for a 9 percent flat tax and creates a 9 percent national sales tax. “Our tax code is the 21st century version of slavery,” Cain said in a campaign video publicizing his 9-9-9 plan. “We will replace oppression with prosperity.”

Obama to Wrap Up West Coast Trip Pitching Jobs Plan in Denver

The president will claim, “The American Jobs Act proposes a $25 billion investment in school infrastructure that will modernize at least 35,000 public schools — investments that will create jobs while improving classrooms and upgrading our schools to meet 21st century needs,” according to the White House.

Poll: Rick Perry Still Leads GOP Field of Candidates

In a CNN/ORC International Poll conducted between Friday and Sunday, Perry came out on top, with 28 percent of Republicans and independents saying they support the Texas governor. Perry was followed by Mitt Romney at 21 percent. Newt Gingrich rose to third in the poll, garnering 10 percent while Ron Paul, Herman Cain and Sarah Palin each received 7 percent. Rounding out the bottom of the pack were Michele Bachmann at 4 percent, Rick Santorum at 3 percent and Jon Huntsman at 1 percent.

Could Sarah Palin Get in the Race This Week? - Politics News - ABC News Radio

(WASHINGTON) — This is the week Sarah Palin will tell the world her intentions whether or not she’ll run for president in 2012 — or at least that’s what she indicated to ABC News’ Jake Tapper at the Iowa State Fair last month, telling him September was “practically speaking…kind of a drop-dead timeline” when it comes to “jumping in the ring.” With only five days left in the month, that means this week is the “drop-dead timeline,” right? Not exactly. Since her early August trip to Iowa, she’s backed off on her self-imposed date, but as the days, debates, and campaign events creep by and the state filing deadlines loom, the window may be closing.

Facebook: New Timeline Feature Makes It Easier to Find Who ‘Defriended’ You

ABC News Radio’s @cohanjosh and Mashable’s @PetersMeg discuss the recent changes to Facebook profiles.

ABC News’ Josh Cohan reports:

If Facebook’s recent changes have left you angry and perplexed, brace yourself for some more unsettling news.

When Facebook fully rolls out its latest overhaul in the coming weeks, anonymous “defriending” – or the simple act of removing someone from your Facebook friends list without their knowledge – will become a thing of the past. Sort of.

On Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced a new feature called timeline, which aims to provide users with a visual display of their lives, as documented on the social media site.

“[A]ll your stories, all your apps, a new way to express who you are,” Zuckerberg said at the company’s annual developers conference in San Francisco.

But the timeline will also let you see older versions of your friends list and a button that not-so-subtly indicates whether you’re still “friends,”  BuzzFeedreported Friday.

“There is a way where you can go in to a certain point in time and basically, if you look at your friends tab, maybe from three years ago, and you see the ‘Add Friend’ button from someone in that list, that will basically tell you that they have defriended you since you became their friend,” said Meghan Peters, community manager at Mashable.

A video of weekend protests via ABC News Radio’s danpatterson:

A few quick video shots from the #OccupyWallStreet protest in Lower Manhattan, September 25th, 2011.