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Breaking: Japan Earthquake Aftershock - What We Know

(TOKYO) — A strong aftershock, a 7.4 earthquake, hit off the ravaged northeast coast of Japan Thursday, touching off a tsunami warning. ABC’s Neal Karlinsky felt it in Tokyo and described what he felt. “A very strong aftershock. I’ve been here nearly three weeks and felt a great many earthquakes approaching six-magnitude. This was by fat the strongest and it lasted a really long time. I was on the phone with colleagues in New York during the entire quake and it was going on for five minutes.”

There have been hundreds of aftershocks from last month’s big 9.0 quake.

"I can tell you that I am very disoriented. I sat here on the eighth floor of our hotel on the phone with colleagues for at least five or six minutes while this earthquake shook the building back and forth. It swayed back and forth quite violently and for an incredibly long period of time," says Karlinsky. 
The quake was centered in the same place as the big one last month, but Japanese broadcaster NHK reports the nuclear plant at Fukushima is not in any more danger than it already is. 

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