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Getting Big Pharma to Treat Childhood Cancers

(WASHINGTON) — At age five, some kids have won pee-wee sports championships or perhaps a class spelling bee, but for Luke Fochtman of Okemos, Mich., his fifth birthday marked his victory over a much larger foe — cancer. “Through 72 weeks of treatment, chemotherapy, 105 fevers, he never said ‘no’ to us,” says Luke’s mom Monica Fochtman, 36. “That to me was very inspiring and humbling. To be in the presence of that kind of grace gave me the courage to keep going,” she says. Though Luke’s type of pediatric sarcoma has a high recurrence rate, he is currently cancer-free.

STD Testing Hits L.A. Streets, Free for Women

(LOS ANGELES) — Sexual health clinics are hitting the streets in South Los Angeles, where women can now pick up home tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea from kiosks and a mobile health van. The program, launched by L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, aims to curb the city’s troubling rise in sexually transmitted diseases. L.A. leads the nation in the number of chlamydia cases, and has the second-highest number of gonorrhea cases, most of them centered in the city’s south end.

Doctors Use Dye to Light Up Ovarian Cancer Cells

“Ovarian cancer is notoriously difficult to see, and this technique allowed surgeons to spot a tumor 30 times smaller than the smallest they could detect using standard techniques,” Philip Low, the Purdue University chemistry professor who invented the dye, said in a statement. “By dramatically improving the detection of the cancer — by literally lighting it up — cancer removal is dramatically improved.”

Social Network for Gut Bacteria?

(NEW YORK) — Finally, you can share the status of your gut bacteria with your friends. In exchange for $2,100 and a bit of “poop,” My.Microbes will sequence your gut microbiome, the genetic blueprints for the throng of organisms lining your digestive tract.

East Coast Earthquake 'Cures' Veteran's Deafness

"It was God’s blessing," Valderzak told ABC News, his voice shaking with emotion.  "It was a miracle for me."

Perry Calls Global Warming Unproven 'Scientific Theory’

"I do believe that the issue of global warming has been politicized. I think there are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data so that they will have dollars rolling in to their — to their projects,” said Perry. “And I think we’re seeing almost weekly or even daily scientists who are coming forward and questioning the original idea that man made global warming is what is causing the climate to change. Yes, our climate’s changed, [it’s] been changing ever since the Earth was formed.”

Tobacco Companies Sue FDA over Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels

(WASHINGTON) — For years, the tobacco industry has put up with anti-smoking ads and having to put warnings labels on packs of cigarettes. But now, several big tobacco companies are fighting back against new requirements imposed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to put hard-hitting anti-smoking images on packs of cigarettes.

'Psychic Kindergarten' for Budding Mediums?

It’s called “psychic kindergarten,” beginner lessons for clairvoyants, where they learn how to read colored spirits, feel chakras and “blow roses.” Susan Bostwick, the president of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, is also one of its teachers. 

"What we do is teach people to discover, go in and find out what your abilities are, and how do you want to use them for the greater good," she said. 

Cancer Docs Abuzz about New Leukemia Treatment

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania transformed patients’ own white blood cells into “serial killers” capable of annihilating cancer cells within the body.  The two patients who experienced full recovery are still in remission more than a year later.

Right now, the only way to cure leukemia is through a bone marrow transplant, which carries several risks.

"[The serial killers] can kill one tumor cell and then go and kill another, and we found in all three of our patients that the T-cells killed at least a thousand tumor cells, and that’s the first time that has ever been shown anywhere near that kind of efficiency," said Dr. Carl June, the lead author of the study, in a video released with the research